About smilebrick

Hi LEGO manias!

From imagination to reality

I am Ken. I'm japanese. and very very like LEGO!

I love classic Lego! castle series, town, pirates, space and modular series, Nexo Knights etc. I have been collecting LEGO for over 40 years.

I started smilebrick.com, trying to shape the concept I had been considering for a long time. I mainly love mini-figures!

A lot of projects will be born in smilebrick.com in the future.

At the beginning, we will reprint the knight helmet and visor of LEGO 375/6075 Yellow Castle. We will report the manufacturing process!!

Besides that, we can inflate your dreams by trying to print the face of your own mini-figures that everyone wanted, designing custom parts, etc.

For this project, there are many problems, the aim is to realize the idea that could not be realized easily even though everyone wants to try.

We look forward to working with the help of many people in the future as we will advance the project. The time may come when you look for your cooperation.

This project is done by smilebrick.com irrespective of LEGO company at all.
When we receive contact from LEGO company, we will continue to discuss with LEGO company seriously.

Moreover, we hope to grow up as a medium to provide satisfactory information to LEGO users.

Thank you so much.

About smilebrick.com owner

smilebrick.com Owner : Ken (ケン)

Birth year : 1976

Live in Tokyo

I graduated from Department of Architecture at Art University.
After experiencing architectural design and landscape design, and I have experienced web designer, web director, web planner, web producer, etc.
I have been running a company that creates websites and system development for now.

I think that I am going to do these jobs because I think that the influence of LEGO which I was playing before it has a sense of mind is very big.
The fact that I was creating a fancy thing in the LEGO world is useful for my current work. So scrap and Build houses, cars, space ships, robots, castles, nad pirate ships etc.

It was a shock when my mother took me to Legoland in Denmark when I was eight years old. About that time, I could not speak or hear english.
I have a bitter memory that I could not get a go-kart license and I could not drive.
In addition, when returning japan, TGV 7745 which was enclosed with metal rails for 12V was opened by customs inspection and experienced crying.

I founded LayBricks Co., Ltd. in Japan to operate smilebrick.com.

I met a company that manufactures precision molds.
And the capabilities such as design, architectural design, marketing, promotion I have worn so far closely connected, smilebrick.com was born.

There are many things I want to do!
I'm looking forward to meeting people I will know in the future! And I would like to excite smilebrick.com.

We will continue to strive to provide services that can further enhance the creativity of LEGO manias!